Translation of Covid-19 certificate

The dream of vacations abroad in 2020 is in the first place in the wish list. Self-isolation imprisoned all of us in our apartments and left without real-life communication, we are tired of the regime. So, all of this makes us think of the sea, freedom, and relaxation without all the problems in our present. Borders are already gradually opening. Currently, there are some countries for Russia for departure. But we are looking forward to that soon our citizens will be able to visit not only England, Turkey, and Tanzania.

It is important to remember besides a suitcase and passport you will have to think about one important document – a certificate of the coronavirus absence (SARS CoV2).

How to get this certificate?

certificate_of_the_coronavirus_absenceWhere to get it?

  1. If you are a resident of Moscow with a Moscow registration, you can make an appointment in a clinic for a test through the UMIAS.INFO (unified medical information analysis system). 30 clinics in Moscow examine for FREE. For testing on the presence of the virus in the body a nasopharyngeal swab and blood are taken for the existence of antibodies to SARS CoV2.
  2. Commercial laboratories are accredited by Rospotrebnadzor, which includes most of the leading medical institutions. Everyone knows their names.
  3. The cost of the analysis is different. We give a summary of the most famous private laboratories:

Invitro - IgG 1900 RUB, IgM 950 RUB

CMD - IgG 1450 RUB, swab 1600 RUB

Gemotest - IgG 1150 RUB, IgM 1150 rub, swab 1990 RUB

KDL - IgM/IgG 1890 RUB.

Translation of the certificate

In Russia, a certificate is issued only in Russian. A certified translation is required to present it for outside the country. Legalization necessity will depend on the country of destination.

COVID-19 certificate has to be translated in accordance with the requirements of a host party. Pay attention to that the validity period for a certificate is 48 hours. Accordingly, the translation should be completed as soon as possible. We translate a certificate in English, German, French, and other most popular languages quickly without loss of quality and at great rates in Moscow. 

Contact our managers in any way convenient for you. We are sure that we’ll resolve your issue. 

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